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We take a Zero FUD, Objective Stance to P2E games, guided by facts and figures to determine which P2E games to invest in for our community.

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The most diverse Guild in the metaverse! Are you interested in Million on Mars, Big time or Illuvium? Our Guilds are connected to a pioneering modular NFT reward system, where community members can blend, burn and redeem NFTs for rewards and prizes, in the NFG community economy. Govern and own your guild. This is the future of web3 gaming.

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NFG are dedicated to keeping you on the pulse of the latest P2E games across the most promising blockchains. You can expect:


Streams – Interested in the best AAA game, DeFi or mining? We cover you with a variety of streams including P2E Spotlight, P2E Lowdown, Kraken’s Cave + more


Competitions and Giveaways – NFG Partner with some of the best up and coming games in the metaverse allowing us to reward community members – trickle down economics baby!


Calendars – Don’t know when the next big thing will be? Rely on us to bring you the most up to date information regarding whitelists, drops and opportunities.



Sitting at the core of NFG, the Diamond Review utilises a set of metrics, created by the NFG, that helps to determine how successful and sustainable a P2E title is likely to be, based on objective facts and figures. The Gemstone Rating system that accompanies the Diamond Review, is highly sought after by blockchain developers; the highest stamp of approval in the blockchain metaverse, set by the NFG’s high standards and extensive experience in this space.

Premier Play 2 Earn Gaming Platform

With the Blockchain Metaverse ever-expanding, we use our expert research skills and knowledge to invest in the most promising P2E games of the future. Whether it be Star Atlas, Starship NFT or Illuvium, you can count on us to have a foothold in each. By being involved in Blockbuster games from day one, we can ensure community participation and a strong NFG presence.


Community Leaders in Play 2 Earn

Sharing content is at the heart of what we do! By sharing the best knowledge and strategies about playing and investing in Play 2 Earn games, our community succeeds collectively. We produce P2E focused streams weekly, including the “NFT Spotlight” which showcases the biggest P2E projects, and the dragon den inspired “Kraken’s Cave” which pits the latest Play 2 Earn titles against each other to see who leaves the Cave as that week’s hottest project.

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Gary Trouve
Gary Trouve


Co-Founder & CEO

Hy5TeRiA lives and breathes P2E. Degenerate behaviour and overwhelming crypto bullishness led to a swift change of career in May 2021, pausing his PhD in Nuclear Technology @ The University of Manchester to set up NFG. Gary drives the long-term strategic goals of NFG, as well as utilising his academic prowess to model sustainable economies and make informed decisions on behalf of the community.

Ben Davidson
Ben Davidson

NFG Leano

Co-Founder &
Head of Partnerships

5+ years of experience in the software industry working with SaaS models. BA Business Management @ University of Brighton, UK. 3 years investing and managing play to earn games means Ben knows what it takes to succeed.

Ashley Welch
Ashley Welch

NFG Ashtag

Co-Founder &
Head of Content

Leads the Gang's creative vision. Metaverse ready with extensive habitat and environmental design experience, as well as an in-depth knowledge of ecological dynamics. Ash is aiming to replicate and mimic aspects of real world ecosystems inside the Metaverse! His pioneering work utilising VR to design biological ecosystems has assisted him in designing the Diamond Review™ Metric and underpins his understanding of future immersive 5D Metaverse games such as Wilder World and Illuvium.

João Victor Wayand Freire
João Victor Wayand Freire


Smart Contract

A Smart Contract Developer and a full-time NFT degen. JoVi loves to build automatized and scalable solutions. With a particular interest for gaming and DeFi, he is structuring our platform's smart contracts in order for us to have a fully decentralized gamified DAO protocol, scaling for a range of needs from scholarship to institutional investors.


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